Individual chemical dependency assessments are conducted to identify appropriate treatment services for your specific healthcare needs and to develop a plan to help you through the treatment process.


Seattle Treatment Services' counseling services includes, but is not limited to, individual and family counseling.

If you are looking for individual or family counseling, we can assist.

Chemical Dependency Intensive Outpatient Program

This program is for the individual who is committed to overcoming chemical dependency and who realizes the difficulties alcohol or other drugs are causing in his or her life. Treatment focuses on helping the individual identify, develop, and practice lifestyle changes required to remain chemically free.

Domestic Violence Perpertrator Treatment Program

This Intervention program meets the WAC 388-60 for Domestic Violence Perpetrator Treatment and provides an opportunity for individuals to understand the effects of abuse, take responsibility for behavior, change attitudes of power and control in relationships, learn anger management skills, remain accountable, and heal from anger and abuse.